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Save time by negotiating salary before the interview.

"Sounds revolutionary? That’s because it is. Whitsy is the first and only website that enables employees and employers to receive, negotiate and accept bids for annual salaries BEFORE the interview, so you invest your time only in the best opportunities. After the interview, and only if both sides are interested, the accepted bid becomes the offer. So stop wasting time on irrelevant offers. Sign up and negotiate for what you want. What If They Say Yes?"

  • Employers, Bid on top talent, Post jobs and get bids
  • Employees, Bid on your dream job

How it Works

Create a unique profile to stand out in the crowd

Receive interview requests with customized offers (bids) or Bid on your dream job

Negotiate with confidence

Schedule an interview after accepting an offer

If both sides are interested, the initial offer becomes the final one.