We want to revolutionize the employment process to make it simpler

Are you in?

We all know that the hiring process has become long, expensive and frustrating for employers and for job seekers. We are here to make it simple, fair and effective for all involved.

We are all taught to delay the salary talks until an offer is on the table, to delay answers when asked a about our expectations’ in a screening interview, not to ask about compensation too early, etc.

At Whitsy, we think differently:

  • We believe that discussing and negotiating salaries at the end of a long process causes a huge waste of time for everyone.
  • We believe that salary ranges can, and should be, negotiated earlier in the process to speed things up & to attract better candidates and better offers, faster.
  • We believe that the screening ‘salary expectation’ question is unfair, ineffective, and complicates the process.

At Whitsy we revolutionize and speed up the employment process. Welcome to the place where salary ranges and title are on the table early in the process so you have the whole picture - about a candidate or a job - BEFORE you invest time and money in interviewing.

Here, employers and job seekers negotiate and agree on salary ranges before the interviews, and save time and money by focusing only on the opportunities that fit their goals AND their wallet.

Both sides get quicker and better results: Employers can compete on the talent they want. Candidates can get paid what they are worth, and compete on their dream jobs.

There is no obligation to ANY salary bid until AFTER the interview when both sides make their final decisions.

Job seekers - no more:

  • Sending long applications to a ‘black hole’
  • Answering tricky ‘salary expectations’ questions
  • Being screened out or locked in because you didn’t guess the employer’s budget
  • Going to interviews without knowing the basic details first
  • Wasting time instead of competing on the jobs you want

Employers – no more:

  • Wasting hours sifting through hundreds of resumes daily
  • Screening out good candidates because they ‘failed’ the salary question
  • Interviewing without knowing candidate’s acceptable salary
  • Missing opportunities to attract the attention of top passive talent
  • Wasting money on offers based on ‘candidates’ ‘expectations’, rather than their acceptable salaries.
  • Spending a lot of money on expensive recruiting service

Yes, it’s a revolution.

So let’s shake things up and make the process simpler and effective.Are you in?